Concrete Resurfacing & Cleaning

Concrete Resurfacing and Cleaning Service in New South Wales

Although concrete is a tough, durable material, it can degrade over time due to exposure to weather and heavy use. While this may prompt some to consider a complete overhaul of the concrete surface, Complete Coatings has an easier solution. We offer concrete resurfacing services that protect and improve the look of a concrete surface using a quick and easy process. If you are looking to resurface concrete with the help of experienced professionals, contact our team today!

What is Concrete Resurfacing?

Whether your concrete surface needs a touch up or a significant overhaul, concrete resurfacing is often the ideal process. Without tearing up the concrete, specialists can apply new finishes and coatings using high-quality materials that are designed for durability. Our team offers a number of different sealers and fillers based on your requirements, guaranteeing long lasting results and easier maintenance. Contact us today to find out how our experts can assess your concrete surface and come up with a tailor made approach based on your needs.

The Benefits of Resurfacing Concrete

As a leading provider of high-quality concrete resurfacing services, Complete Coatings advises customers to resurface concrete for the following reasons:

  • More cost-effective than replacing a concrete driveway
  • Easily hides stains, marks and blemishes
  • Resurfaced concrete is easier and cheaper to maintain
  • Available in a range of combinations and designs to improve aesthetics

Does Concrete Resurfacing Really Work?

Concrete resurfacing products are specially designed blends that are applied to the surface of concrete to provide durability and strength. The materials used are weather resistant, moisture resistant and capable of withstanding both broad changes in temperature and damage caused by heating and cooling. Resurfacing concrete is a highly effective procedure that protects concrete surfaces for several years, even after heavy use.

What is the Best Type of Concrete Resurfacing?

If you are looking to resurface concrete, there are a few options to consider.

Grip Finish Epoxy Driveway Resurfacing

The Grip Finish Epoxy coating offered at Complete Coatings is a multi-purpose, heavy-duty surface finish. Although it isĀ  more commonly used as a driveway coating, the versatility of the material also makes it ideal for sidewalks, patios and commercial areas that need reliable slip resistance while retaining a vibrant look and feel. The Grip Finish Epoxy Coating is available in a wide range of colours and meets the highest Australian safety standards.

Concrete Resurfacing

Some concrete surfaces can be easily renovated by grinding down the damaged top layer to even out the entire slab. Contact Complete Coatings today to find out whether your concrete driveway can benefit from this method.

Is it Better to Replace or Resurface Concrete?

There is no doubt that resurfacing concrete is the most cost-effective way to repair a driveway. Instead of ripping up and replacing the entire area, an expert resurfacing specialist will ensure that you get many more years out of your existing concrete. Resurfacing not only protects a driveway from the elements, it also significantly improves the aesthetic and safety of concrete.

Concrete Resurfacing Services For Driveways In NSW

Transform your driveway today with concrete resurfacing services offered by Complete Coatings. Contact us today for a detailed quote.