Non-Slip Floor Coating

High Quality Non Slip Floor Coating in New South Wales

According to Safe Work Australia, trips, slips and falls account for nearly 25% of all accidents that occur in public and work spaces. Such accidents can result in hospitalisation and prolonged rehabilitation, and can negatively impact both morale and productivity. In an effort to make spaces like hospitals, schools and public buildings safe, Complete Coatings has provided clients with non slip floor coatings that are easy to maintain, extremely effective, and fully compliant with the most stringent safety norms.

The Benefits of Non Slip Floor Coatings

In a commercial or public building that anticipates a high footfall, functional, long lasting and non slip concrete floor coatings are of the utmost importance. Here are just some of the reasons why our clients rely on non slip floor coatings for their locations.

  • A non slip floor inspires confidence in employees and has been shown to improve productivity because it creates peace of mind.
  • If you expect customers of all ages and abilities at your business, non slip flooring will ensure that all clientele can walk around your space comfortably.
  • If an individual slips or falls in your establishment, you are likely to be held liable for the accident. By installing non slip floor coating, you can prevent accidents that could prove costly to your business.
  • Non slip flooring in hospitals is absolutely crucial as it allows medical professionals to move quickly and respond to emergencies, as well as providing a safer space for patients who are recovering.
  • Non slip concrete floor coatings are widely used in schools where child safety is a priority.
  • In industrial settings where heavy machinery is commonly used, an additional benefit of commercial non slip epoxy floor coating is that it is easier to clean and maintain.

Why Choose Non Slip Epoxy Floor Coating?

Non slip epoxy floor coating is the most popular option for schools and industrial spaces because it is durable, resistant to heavy impact and offers the best underfoot grip. Commercial non slip epoxy floor coating is remarkably resilient and is capable of withstanding spills of all kinds, making it ideal for hospitals and manufacturing facilities.

Where is Non Slip Floor Coating Used?

If you have a commercial or residential location where there’s even a small chance that a person could hurt themselves by slipping or falling, a non slip floor coating is ideal for you. At Complete Coatings, we install durable non slip concrete floor coatings for:

  • Kitchens
  • Workshops
  • Factories
  • Abattoirs
  • Amenity Blocks
  • Commercial Floors
  • Safety Walkways
  • Line Marking

Non Slip Floor Coatings for Commercial and Residential Spaces

At Complete Coatings, we install high-quality non slip floor coatings for clients in the healthcare, industrial and manufacturing industries. Our aim is to provide you with a cost-effective safety solution that creates a safer environment that inspires confidence in your customers and employees. Contact us today to discuss which of our wide range of floor coatings suits your needs.