Flake Epoxy Flooring

Affordable Flake Epoxy Flooring Solutions in Maitland

At Complete Coatings, we provide you with the best epoxy flake floor solutions to enhance the appearance of your home or office. This versatile flooring is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and comes in an attractive selection of colours and patterns. Our experienced team handle the initial planning and installing, to make your life as easy as possible. We’re on hand to answer any questions you have, so call our friendly team today.

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What Is Flake Epoxy Flooring?

Epoxy Flake Flooring is composed of dry paint flakes, suspended in a paint colour of your choosing, making it one of our most personalised flooring options. It is suitable for homes and commercial buildings, and a popular choice due to its high durability and seamless glossy finish.

Where Flake Epoxy Flooring Can Be Applied

Flake floor coatings are utilised in outdoor and indoor settings. It is most commonly used for garages, outdoor patios, pathways, driveways and warehouses. In commercial settings, it is frequently used in shopping centres, airports and public restrooms. It can tolerate a range of external pressures like scratches, liquid spills and food stains. If you’re thinking of getting flake epoxy flooring for your home or business, call us today.

What Are the Benefits of Flake Epoxy Flooring?

There are many benefits in selecting a flake epoxy floor for your home or business. Flake epoxy floor is easy to apply but must be undertaken by a professional. Its non-slip properties make it a popular choice for families, as it reduces the risk of accidents with children. Epoxy flake floor is also food-safe, which reduces the risk of humans or pets ingesting harmful chemicals.



There are many benefits in selecting flake floor coatings, including its non-slip properties, food-safe nature and that it is relatively easy to apply.

Both are extremely durable and can last for over 15 years. Epoxy flake is a cheaper option and easier to apply.

Due to its highly resistant nature, flake epoxy flooring does not scratch easily.