Quartz Carpet Epoxy Flooring in Newcastle and Beyond

Quartz Carpet Garage Epoxy Flooring - What is it?

Quartz Carpet garage epoxy flooring is a specially formulated epoxy flooring of high durability applied to a prepared concrete surface. The epoxy is combined with granulated or powdered Quartz as an additive to create a highly durable non-slip epoxy flooring. The Quartz Epoxy Floor is available in two grades. Each grade differs in roughness and grit, and has different practical applications for your home, garage or commercial premises. Our Quartz flooring is installed by our expert concrete technicians at Complete Coatings, servicing the area of Newcastle, Maitland and the Hunter Valley, NSW.

Quartz Carpet Garage Epoxy Flooring
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The Benefits of Quartz Carpet Epoxy Floor Coating 

Quartz epoxy floor coating uses quartz as an additive to the epoxy for strength and resilience. The addition of quartz to the epoxy flooring adds both the hardness of quartz and its naturally attractive colour variations to your floor. Quartz flooring is a practical long-lasting epoxy floor coating that is hard-wearing, slip-resistant and comes in a variety of epoxy flooring colours that would excite any designer or renovator. It is also highly resistant to heat and chemicals, which makes it an ideal non-slip industrial flooring option for many commercial and manufacturing industries.

Uses and Grades of Quartz Carpet Epoxy Flooring

Quartz Carpet epoxy flooring comes in two grades. The Quartz Carpet 25 is ideal for commercial and industrial flooring. This quartz epoxy floor coating is a hard-wearing non-slip safety flooring that is hygienic and easy to clean. It is suitable for businesses in the hospitality, medical and food manufacturing industries where spills, slippage, and high foot traffic are likely to occur. The Quartz Carpet 40 is a more decorative epoxy flooring option made of larger granular quartz. It is suitable for domestic use around pools, driveways and on exterior walkways. It is also an excellent garage epoxy floor system. It is extra slip-resistant, but also durable and easy to maintain. 

Quartz Carpet Epoxy Flooring Colours

The highly versatile Quartz flooring comes in a variety of attractive epoxy flooring colours that resemble the natural colours of quartz rock. These include Arctic, Grain, Iron, Silver and Wine. The larger rock grains in the Quartz Carpet 40 flooring system show off these natural tones to advantage.

Have your choice of colours and patterns by viewing all of our available coating colours.