Floor Preparation

High-Quality Floor Preparation Services in New South Wales

Floor preparation is perhaps the most important and yet often overlooked step in the installation of a new floor. Whether it’s a large commercial area or smaller residential space, the only way to prevent floors from becoming uneven is to properly prepare the surface. At Complete Coatings, we specialise in concrete floor preparation to create a solid foundation that maintains its quality for years to come. Contact us today to find out about floor preparation cost in New South Wales.

What is the Process for the Preparation of the Floor?

The Complete Coatings concrete floor preparation process begins with the use of a concrete grinder or acid washing machine. This removes all kinds of imperfections on the existing concrete and helps achieve a seamless surface. 

After the grinder and acid washer is used, our floor preparation experts examine the floor again and level out all remaining imperfections. Our team repairs all cracks and blemishes using high-quality epoxy that is easy to maintain, extremely durable and capable of withstanding harsh conditions.

Why Choose Complete Coatings?

With over a decade of experience working with a variety of commercial and residential clients, Complete Coatings has the experience needed to adapt to any situation. The members of our team are highly trained trade experts who have a passion for getting each job done with an impressive level of care, service and professionalism.

We are seasoned experts with industry experience coating floors for garages, commercial businesses and more. Contact us today to learn about the potential floor preparation cost for your commercial space.

Why is Floor Preparation Important?

Floor preparation is a vitally important part of the floor installation process. Experts in the field know all too well that the longevity and quality of a floor is entirely dependent on preparation of the subfloor. Complete Coatings combines years of experience with cutting edge techniques and technology to install a subfloor that is level and reliable.

What are the Risks of Poor Quality Concrete Floor Preparation?

Installing a floor on an uneven surface can cause a host of problems that affect aesthetics and safety. Whether in a home or industrial space, an uneven surface can affect furniture stability, impact the functionality of heavy machinery and present a safety hazard for individuals working or living in a space. Low quality floor preparation can also result in costly repairs in the future as the floor may need to be replaced due to pits, swells and cracks.

Commercial and Residential Floor Preparation Specialists

Complete Coatings is a trusted name in floor preparation for every kind of location. Floor preparation is a highly specialised skill that requires a team of experts who have the knowledge and skill to execute the job perfectly. Contact us online today for a detailed floor preparation cost for your home or business.